Estate Sale

Estate Sale and Selling a Home

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At some point, you may have inherited a house, decided to downsize, or desire to relocate to another city.
But the home you want to sell is full of possessions.

Selling a house along with some or all of it’s contents can be an overwhelming experience without the help of a professional.

I have experience in dealing with estate sales that involve the sale of the house and it’s contents. My collaboration with Blue Moon Estate Sales combined with my expertise in real estate can save you time, money and help eliminate the emotional stress of the selling process.

With houses selling so quickly, homeowners are often left asking, “But what do I do with all my stuff!?” Estate liquidation is no simple task, and just the thought can leave folks with a massive headache. Things can get tied up, and the situation can become stressful for the seller. An estate sale can help ensure that your closing will go smoothly and on time.

What is an Estate Sale?

Estate sales are held inside the home and can take place for a number of reasons, including the death of a homeowner or if a homeowner decides to downsize and relocate. Oftentimes family members will host the estate sale, but more often than not, an estate sale company will be hired to help take care of selling the possessions.

Unlike garage sales, estate sales are the place to discover a large variety of items. In order for an estate sale to be held, each item must be inspected and valued at a certain price.

Timeliness matters when attending an estate sale. Differing greatly from a garage sale, estate sales are conducted in an orderly fashion, often requiring you to take a number and wait to be called into the home to shop. Here you won’t be able to haggle through the pricing as price tags are not up for negotiation. For larger and more valuable items there will be an auction where the highest bidding price wins.

6 Reasons to Choose an Estate Sale

  • An Estate Sale Can Save You Time and Money - A lot of time and effort goes into a successful estate sale. And, if you are planning to take care of everything by yourself, you might be facing an extremely time-consuming and costly process.
  • Estate Sales Can Attract a Larger Crowd - There’s no need to market your own estate sale with high advertising costs and door-to-door word of mouth. An estate sale professional will have compiled a large network portfolio, which means they can attract new buyers as well as individuals who are already engaged in the estate sale scene and have their own network.
  • An Estate Sale Professional Can Stage Your Estate Sale - Estate sales hosted within your property are a convenient way to sell your belongings before moving or selling the property itself. However, hosting a sale in your home is different from using commercial premises. That is why you should consider the benefits of staging your home to prepare for an estate sale.
  • An Estate Sale Professional Can Handle the Customers - There are many differences between an estate sale and a garage sale, including the pricing strategy. The difference in pricing from a second-hand shop or flea market to an estate sale is that the pricing has been set beforehand. This fact can cause some confusion among estate sale customers, especially if they have never attended before. Rather than having to handle the negotiations yourself, an estate sale professional can maintain a professional manner while obtaining a fair price for each party.
  • An Estate Sale Professional Can Get You Better Pricing - One of the responsibilities of an estate sales agent is to understand the history and value of your property, as well as the items you are selling. Working in partnership with antiques, art, and history experts, professional estate sale agents can help you understand the fair value and price point of each item in your collection. After all, without help, you might be selling off precious collectibles for a fraction of their value! 
  • An Estate Sale Professional Can Take Away Emotional Stress - Estate sales can be extremely emotional for the seller, especially if you are rehoming your family inheritance and treasured possessions. However, if your choice is letting go, an estate sale agent can help you deal with the stress and emotion of an estate sale.